YINtuitive Connections Yoga & Life Guidance

Lisa was born with a natural gift for guiding and supporting others through their cross-roads in life. 

There are always openings (opportunities) on our path for choices.   Her goal and intention as a guide is to provide a safe and loving atmosphere while encouraging individuals to live their best life as their authentic selves.

Her desire comes from her own personal experiences.  Like many of us, she grew up in a trauma-filled atmosphere.  She didn't know who she was throughout most of her life.  She was lost, angry, confused, overwhelmed and searching (for herself). Ten years ago she started a deep, soul-searching journey of learning how to be herself - to know who she is and to be connected to herself while feeling safe to be naturally connected to the entire world and Universe. 


A session with Lisa is simply an affirmation of what you already know.  Lisa is in tune with elements you cannot (or choose not) to see.  Lisa's gift is to facilitate the connection between you and through the help of the guides around you.  When you interact with Lisa, the warmth and comfort that emanates from her essence reassures and comforts you.  Lisa knows no strangers and when your session is over, you feel as though you are talking with an old friend.  Her heart and energy are pure.  

I feel fortunate and blessed to have met Lisa, and I forward to many years of friendship and knowledge. --D. McGill, October, 2011


Everyone has a God-given gift. Not everyone, however, can find their gift within themselves in order to share with others, in order to share with the universe. 

Lisa has found her gift and she Is sharing it with others and with the universe. Selfish is one word that is not in her vocabulary. Compassionate, caring, kind, discerning, considerate; these are the words that I would use to describe Lisa. 

Lisa is always there when I need her, she is always there to lend her amazing advice along with her amazing visionary talents. 

I am honored to call Lisa my friend.  --J. Houston, September 14, 2011


As a life coach, Lisa has been invaluable in directing me with the right choices. I had difficulty in only choosing three attributes for Lisa, besides the three I choose, she also is very creative, always available and punctual, which in itself is a great value. The best thing about Lisa is the great connection she makes with her clients. I am very proud to call Lisa a colleague and a friend. 
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity --K. Stephens, September, 2011