20-Days of Changing a Habit

Posted by Lisa on August 17, 2011

Scientists have speculated that it takes 20 days to create or change a habit.  I'm on day 17 and it's been a different journey than what I've experienced before in changing or creating a habit.  My main change of habit was in taking a common over-the-counter pain reliever.  I took quite a bit every single day and I was very unaware of exactly how much I was taking (I would just "blindly" take it).  I tried one other time to stop take the pain reliever but went back to it.  This time I've started with a small, obtainable goal (I take 1/2 a pill after breakfast and 1/2 a pill after lunch).  I started taking the pain reliever about 10 years ago when I worked full-time and then increased even more when my mom was dying from cancer.  I thought all of my power was in this little pill.  I thought the pill gave me the power to push through it all - to not feel and to do what I thought I couldn't do.  On my first attempt to stop taking the pain reliever I went back to it because I didn't know what to do with my anxiety of dealing with life.  This time I have grown and I know more options and tools.  I have learned that I do have the power WITHIN ME (instead of outside of me) and I am learning even more tools to use for the anxiety.  Continue to follow me on my journey of inner power!