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Day 19 of My 20 Days of Creating or Changing A Habit

Posted by Lisa on August 19, 2011

I am 19 days into my 20 Days of Creating or Changing a Habit.  It's pretty fitting that tomorrow will be 20 days - it will be the 20th of August and also my birth day.  It truly is a day to celebrate! Read on to find out why...

Tomorrow (August 20th) I will be 44 years old.  This will be a day of celebration for me on many levels.  Not only will I have met my 20-Day goals but I've grown even deeper into my personal goals. Along with those celebrations, I will also celebrate my great life with my wonderful husband. When I look at my history (and the history of my family), the ability to meet these goals and to have made a choice in the man that I married does not seem as though I should have been able to achieve these things.  My husband encourages me to dig deeper and deeper into becoming who I am every single day.  My life truly is a celebration and the goal setting isn't finished yet!


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