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Lisa's Thoughts on 2012

Posted by Lisa on January 10, 2012

My clients and friends have asked my thoughts on what will happen in 2012.  This isn’t something that I pay attention to or give thought/energy to unless I’m asked but these are my personal, individuals thoughts and wishes at this time.  Of course, I’m always evolving so I’m sure I’ll grow and expand on my own thoughts and wishes.  My hope is not that you agree with what my thoughts, but rather, you use my willingness to share my thoughts as a way to open you up to your own.

I don't pay attention to the news or controversies so I really didn’t understand what the topic of 2012 was all about until my husband and I had a conversation about it a few weeks ago.  In closing I said to him, “So, people think that the world is going to end? Wow, I hadn’t fully realized that.”

I personally do not believe that 2012 is a year written in stone in which some outside force is going to come in and end the world (unless you look at "outside source" from a different perspective - keep reading to discover a different perspective).  Of course, the ‘end of the world’ could have its own interpretation (as does everything in life) and it depends on whether or not humans bring this into being or not.  I personally believe this is our own choice and we get to decide what this means  and looks like or what we choose to create with the opportunity.  

Could we choose this to be the year that we start living through power of respect by accepting and living as individuals within the whole; simplicity; value and honor of ourselves and others instead of power through suppression, force and war?

Could we choose this to be the year to recreate or clear out the old and create something new that we’ve never seen before?
Could we choose to be the year that we work WITH God and Nature as a team in deciding our fate?

Could we choose this to be the year that we start making conscious choices, taking responsibility and ownership and become excited about making aware and collective choices?

Could we choose this to be the year that we take back our power?

I believe that everything in life can be interpreted or perceived in its own way - the way each of us chooses to interpret it or perceive it.  I believe there’s always a choice - even if it’s in simply changing a perception or taking a stand and choosing it to be different.  We get to choose how we see everything:  through beauty and a chance to evolve or staying stagnant.  I believe humans have the power to do that.

Maybe it will be the end of the world as we know it now but I believe we, as humans, will still be here - to what capacity is something I believe is in our power to choose.  I believe that right now we, as humans, can create change and start a ripple with just one person that would change the outcome of 2012.  I believe that we hold the power to change the outcome of everything in our lives.

I wish for humans to see the power that we actually hold within ourselves as individuals and together as a whole.  I wish for humans to see that we have the power within ourselves to create and bring about change (even if it’s through choosing a new perspective or action).  

This world has become accustomed to power from the outside through war, violence, shutting down, pushing, pulling and force.  We have become accustomed to believing that we have no say so or control of what we choose.  If people continue to choose to act through violence, hate, disrespect, madness, force, suppression or disruption then this is what they will have chosen to come into being.  We can choose differently.

I do believe that one person can start the ripple of change.  I believe that I can start this ripple and I believe that you can start this ripple! If we choose to act with respect, a willingness to be open from the heart and allow each individual to live their life as their own individual self then this is the world we will create.  We get to choose.  We hold that power.

I wish for a world in which people are living their lives through passion, experience, fun, creativity and excitement for individuality as a whole working together.  I wish for a world that actually plays well as a team.

Take a moment to think about the choices you’re making for yourself and how they are affecting the entire world.  YOU do have that much power to affect and change the world simply by the choices that you make!
Suppose that 2012 does bring the end of the world? If you KNEW that was going to be the outcome, how would you spend every day?

Each of us has the power within us to create the world that we want to live in.  What do you want for yourself and for the world in 2012? Will we make the choice to become conscious of our choices, take responsibility and become aware?
I believe that WE (humans and all of nature) ARE the OUTSIDE FORCE.  WE are deciding every moment what comes into being.


Lisa Pratt, January 11, 2012

Intuitive Connections Life Guidance


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